SCEV Château La Croix Bertineau


33500 NEAC

Téléphone à la propriété:

+33 6 23 44 52 79 

Téléphone propriétaire:

+33 6 20 60 52 62



Château La Croix Bertineau

Paul Hopital has always dreamt to once see his name on a bottle of wine.

This passion for wine is shared by the two brothers, Paul & Philippe who decide to join forces to finally embark together on this adventure of wine making.

Paul and Aline, his wife, after a long and tough quest for the perfect vineyard, fall under the charm of a lovely property ideally located in Néac. The property and its half-hectare of vineyard possesses the ideal setting to fulfil the requirements to both produce a high quality wine and guarantee a genuine and authentic product issued from a noble and distinguished soil such as Lalande de Pomerol.

Officially created in April 2005, the domain endorses the name of Château La Croix Bertineau led by Paul and Aline closely assisted by Philippe. This portrait would not be complete without mentioning all the family members and friends who gather joyfully every year to ensure the best harvest and fulfil other heavy tasks.

The dream finally came true and a wonderful family story writes itself over the years, over the harvests and over the several vintages.