SCEV Château La Croix Bertineau


33500 NEAC

Téléphone à la propriété:

+33 6 23 44 52 79 

Téléphone propriétaire:

+33 6 20 60 52 62



Château La Croix Bertineau

Our vineyard of 0.5 hectare is located in the prestigious area of Lalande de Pomerol. The soil, typical of this land, is made of a clay soil with a gravelly sub-soil rich in iron oxides on the Néac plateau.

The grape varieties are Merlot (70%) and Cabernet Franc (30%). This proportion is ideal to obtain a well-balanced wine between the strength of the Cabernet Franc and the roundness of the Merlot. Implanted in 1993, the vineyard is therefore young and harmonious.

The little surface covered by the Château allows a sterling work from the vines to the cellar. Our manual wine growing techniques enable us to produce the best grapes and therefore provide the best to each of our bottles.