SCEV Château La Croix Bertineau


33500 NEAC

Téléphone à la propriété:

+33 6 23 44 52 79 

Téléphone propriétaire:

+33 6 20 60 52 62



Thank you for your participation at our 2014 Golf Tournament!

The Château La Croix Bertineau Trophy, which took place June 29th at the Etretat Golf Course, was again un real success and this, thanks to all its participants! Thanks to them for making this day exceptional and all our congratulations to the winners!

The Château is looking good!

2013 Harvest - October 5th 2013

A bit muddy but we had a pleasant weather, everybody in a good mood and most importantly good looking grapes for the 2013 vintage!

Bottling of the 2012 vintage - April 2013

The different harvests since 2005

The 2012 edition of our Golf Tournament